WhatsApp for Business is here.

2 billion people use WhatsApp every day. Customers want a direct communication channel with businesses with the apps they already use.

Is your company in WhatsApp?

At KONA we develop business solutions over WhatsApp using time-tested methods that allow business to connect with their customers easily and intuitively.

See below our WhatsApp for Business products.

WhatsApp Chatbots for Business
Powered by IBM Watson, We develop business-ready chatbots to handle customer support requests as well as marketing actions that allow businesses
WhatsApp Call Center   
Now your customers can send you WhatsApp messages and have
WhatsApp Marketing 
Connect with your users directly where they are. 

Send marketing campaign messages, multimedia  and even surveys over WhatsApp for great customer engagement.
WhatsApp Commerce
Sell products directly on WhatsApp 
WhatsApp Banking
What if you could do all your banking over WhatsApp? We’ve done it and is as simple as it can be


Cognitive Solution for Call Center

KONECTA allows humans to intervene in a conversation a bot is having with a customer. The bot is automatically stopped if any problem came up, after that an assistant take the conversation control and turn on the bot whenever he wants.

Conversational knowledge database

Ask questions just like you would ask a person.
The user ask something and the chatbot looks for the answer in the knowledge database.

If the information for answering the question is not available in the base the chatbot will trigger a process.

PROPHET is a solution of Human-in-the-loop (HITL), a branch of artificial intelligence, that takes advantage of human intelligence and the machine to create models of machine learning progressively.