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The age of artificial intelligence has changed everything. Some call it the fourth industrial revolution; others that is the new oil and as important as electricity.

We are a company of innovation and technology, focused on helping companies in their digital transformation towards the age of artificial intelligence.


Cognitive Solution for Call Center

KONECTA allows humans to intervene in a conversation a bot is having with a customer. The bot is automatically stopped if any problem came up, after that an assistant take the conversation control and turn on the bot whenever he wants.


Conversational knowledge database

Ask questions just like you would ask a person.
The user ask something and the chatbot looks for the answer in the knowledge database.

If the information for answering the question is not available in the base the chatbot will trigger a process.

PROPHET is a solution of Human-in-the-loop (HITL), a branch of artificial intelligence, that takes advantage of human intelligence and the machine to create models of machine learning progressively.

2 billion people use WhatsApp every day. Customers want a direct business communication channel throgh the apps they already use.

Is your company in WhatsApp?

The technology that allows the transfer of digital data in a completely safe way. This transfer does not require a centralized intermediary to identify and certify the information.

The platform that allows to transform the way of operating the processes when automating manual or semi-automatic tasks carried out in one or more technological applications by means of the configuration of software robots.

What we do

Watson is an artificial intelligence system that is capable of performing tasks such as analyzing information, answering questions formulated in natural language or recognizing images, among others features.

KONA has invested more than 3 years in the specialization of this technology and today is a benchmark in the region of this technology. From virtual assistants to management of knowledge bases, Watson allows you to perform tasks that previously seemed impossible.

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence, which has a wide range of applications, including search engines, medical diagnostics, fraud detection in the use of credit cards, stock market analysis, classification of DNA sequences, recognition of speech and written language, games and robotics.

KONA has a team of specialists in this technology that allows us to generate solutions that provide immediate value to our clients in various business processes.

Chatbots (or virtual assistants) are used mainly to carry out customer service functions, so they can quickly provide the solutions you require, without the need for human interaction on the part of the company.

Chatbots develop their activity mainly in messaging applications and for which they incorporate a conversational interface, through channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and others. KONA has developed chatbots for the financial system and today is a leader in this technology and area.

Blockchain is a technology that has the potential to extend digital transformation beyond your business and processes, to share with suppliers, customers and partners. More and more companies are investing in blockchain as a safe and transparent way to maintain a digital tracking of the ownership of an asset and to share business processes, get new opportunities through the collaboration of companies and new business models.

At KONA we are developing business solutions to help companies adopt this new framework for their business processes.

How blockchain works:


This “science” is the evolution of what until now was known as Data Analysis, but unlike this one that was only dedicated to analyze data sources from a single source, Data Science must explore and analyze data from multiple sources, often immense (known as Big Data), and that can have very different formats. In addition, you must have a strong business vision to be able to extract and transmit recommendations to the business managers of your company.

Using tools such as IBM Watson DSX (Data Science Experience) KONA develops solutions that allow generating knowledge from an immense source of data to improve the decision making of companies.

In the era of digital transformation, companies want to make the leap to new technologies such as Watson, Blockchain or automate their processes to optimize the performance of their operation.

In KONA we carry out innovation workshops called 1+4 (1 plus 4) that consist of generating real and tangible value in a 5-day sprint. 1 full day of discovery with design thinking techniques and then functional prototype development (MVP) in 4 days.

The results are amazing!

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Martín PazosCIO - CASMU

“Throughout these years, KONA has helped us innovate in various areas of CASMU, incorporating lastest technology. Today, CASMU is the first Uruguayan healthcare provider that has a medical diary system that uses a cognitive virtual assistant or chatbot for people to manage their medical appointments as easily as possible.”

Bruno GiliPartner CPA/Ferrere

“In the age of digital transformation together with artificial intelligence, we worked together with KONA to generate high-impact solutions for our customers. For some time we have joined forces to generate strategic alliances that allow us to be a reference in the region and the world”

Nicolas SacoEcosystems Country Manager, IBM Argentina

“Since arriving in Argentina, KONA has positioned itself as an expert in IBM Watson, Data Science and Blockchain solutions. Today they are consolidating their experience and focus on these solutions in several clients. They are a leading innovation partner for IBM, and we believe that with the strength of IBM's solutions and the agility and execution of KONA we will get very far”

Gabriela GayarreGeneral Manager INGRAM Micro Argentina & Uruguay

“For Ingram Micro, KONA is synonymous with innovation. The company offers value-added solutions in technology, with a highly disruptive consultative approach, which generates long-term relationships with both clients and business partners. In the region, they have initiated a clear process of sustained expansion, so for Ingram Micro it is a pride to be able to accompany them on this path. In short, great opportunities await us to work together and continue supporting us to build our history”

Fabrizio CarboneGeneral Manager, IBM Uruguay & Paraguay

“En 2016, cuando llegué a Uruguay, KONA ya estaba en su camino a convertirse en una empresa comprometida en temas de inteligencia artificial. Su dedicación e impulso en desarrollar tecnologías de IBM Watson e IBM Cloud los posicionaron en un lugar clave para estar donde están hoy.”




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